2017 Cinematography Reel

Music: "Adeline" by Alt J

Producing & Directing Credits (in order of appearance):

“The Fainting Room” Produced by FUGO Studios | Directed by Max Walker | Featuring Nye Reynolds & Clay Randel | Gaffed by Luke McMahon

“Salem” Produced by Claudia Mcdade | Featuring Anna Apostolova 

"Heartbeat" Written & Performed by Sarah Miles | Produced & Directed by Jaime Randel | Featuring Sarah Miles, Adelle Drahos, Derek Mcdonnell | Gaffed by Max Walker

"Prepare for the Mountain" Produced by Southend Films | Directed by Joey Thompson and Nathan Cheuvront | Gaffed by Joshua W. Sims

"Glock Perfection" Produced by Craterdust LLC | Directed by Steve Casper | Assistant Director Max Walker | Featuring Team Glock | Gaffed by Steven DeMarinis 

"Town of Decay" Written and Produced by Adelle Drahos | Featuring Adelle Drahos & Meghan Weber

"Asheville" Featuring Shelby Steckbauer & Andrew Porten